Suitable for Epiroc

1132Only Spare Parts
1238 ME/HEAll The Spare Parts & Bodies
1435Only Spare Parts
1638 ME/HD/HD+All The Spare Parts & Bodies
1838 ME/HD/HD+/HE/MUX All The Spare Parts & Bodies
1840+/HE/HEX All The Spare Parts & Bodies
1850 HE/HEXOnly Spare Parts
2238 ME/HD/HD+ All The Spare Parts & Bodies
2160 HE/EX Only Spare Parts
2550 ME/HE/EXOnly Spare Parts
2560 ME/HE/EXOnly Spare Parts
MD20Only Spare Parts
RR14 Only Spare Parts
SC25HFOnly Spare Parts

Disclaimer: Manufacturers’ names, numbers, symbols, descriptions and images are used for reference purposes only and it is not implied that any part listed is the product of the manufacturers.

Mars Rock Drill by no means claims to be selling or manufacturing original parts of any brand and/or intends to infringe on other entities’ intellectual property rights.

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