Quality Control

Setting New Industry Standards

In the ever-evolving landscape of drilling technology, innovation remains the key driver of progress. Our company proudly introduces a groundbreaking advancement in hydraulic drifter (top hammer) testing – an electronic test bench that redefines the parameters of performance evaluation. Unlike any other in the market, our state-of-the-art test bench possesses the ability to comprehensively measure impact strength, frequency, and pressure, propelling us to the forefront of drilling equipment testing and development.

Unparalleled Measurement Precision
At the heart of our hydraulic drifter test bench lies its unparalleled precision in capturing and analyzing critical performance metrics. This unique bench ensures that impact strength,  a quintessential factor in drilling efficiency, is quantified with accuracy. This information empowers engineers and technicians to not only assess the drifter’s power output (kW) but also make informed decisions to optimize its performance under varying conditions.

Frequency Analysis for Optimal Efficiency
The frequency of a hydraulic drifter’s operation is a paramount consideration, directly influencing its drilling speed and effectiveness. Our test bench measures and evaluates the frequency (Hz) of the drifter’s strikes, enabling a thorough assessment of its operational dynamics.

Comprehensive Pressure Profiling
Hydraulic systems thrive on the delicate balance of pressure, and our test bench rises to the challenge. By capturing real-time pressure data during drilling simulations, our bench provides a comprehensive profile of pressure variations throughout the drilling process. This data is invaluable for diagnosing potential issues, optimizing hydraulic efficiency, and ensuring the longevity of the drifter under demanding operational conditions.

Engineering the Future of Drilling Technology
In a world where efficiency, precision, and reliability are paramount, our hydraulic drifter test bench redefines the standards by which drilling technology is evaluated. Join us in shaping the future of drilling – one impact, one frequency, and one pressure measurement at a time.